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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland


A Close Shave for the Holmes Lodge

Ever since the lockdown period was introduced across the country, and Freemasonry entered into a temporary period of suspension, many of our members have found the time to do new things, such as helping others, new hobbies, and of course, working hard. One member of the Holmes Lodge No.4656 in Leicester decided to take the opportunity afforded by the lockdown to grow a new beard. Ian Wheeliker, Past Master and current Tyler of the Lodge grew an impressive beard during his time at home, however by the middle of June it had become increasingly difficult to manage so it was decided that it had to come off.

This decision coincided with a Lodge initiative to raise funds for the Leicestershire & Rutland 2022 Festival Appeal, and the idea was to sponsor Ian to shave it off. What at first was a small gesture, soon became a Lodge wide event, and it was clear that it could raise significant funds.

The date was set, Tuesday 16th June at 8:30pm for a Lodge zoom call, the main attraction being Ian and his razor blade.

After the Master, Ken Hornsby, had made his introduction, twenty three brethren then sat back and watched as Ian took the blade to his beard. After ten minutes, it was off! The fresh faced Ian thanked everyone for their contribution, which so far has raised in excess of £600 for the 2022 Festival.

Ian said, “I would like to thank everyone for sponsoring this event, I hope you like the new look, now finish off with a splash of aftershave!”


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