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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland



Updated: Nov 20, 2018

On Wednesday 24th October 2018, Freemasons’ Hall Leicester was pleased to receive an unexpected but most welcome visitor. Whilst working in the office, W.Bro. Ian Nesbitt, the Assistant Provincial Grand Secretary was called to reception to meet with a fellow Mason, all the way from Greece who had asked to be shown around our Headquarters.

In a typically polite fashion, W.Bro. Ian acceded to this request, and whilst asking for more details of the unexpected visitor found out his name to be George Vassilogeorges, none other than M.W.Bro. George Vassilogeorges, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Greece.

Having directed M.W.Bro. George around, he made no hesitation in expressing his delight in seeing the splendid hall, and in particular the Holmes Lodge Room and it’s wonderfully ornate ceiling and décor. Being so taken aback with its splendour, M.W.Bro. George asked if he could attend a Craft Lodge that very evening.

With several options available, it was decided that M.W.Bro. George would attend the Installation meeting of the Grey Friars Lodge No.6803, which was to receive the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Peter Kinder as the representative of Provincial Grand Lodge.

V.W.Bro. Peter was duly briefed on the unexpected visitor, and arrived at Freemasons’ Hall Leicester to meet M.W.Bro. George who was resplendently dressed in his most ornate Past Grand Master’s regalia.

The Master of Grey Friars Lodge, W.Bro. Stuart Davison and the Master Elect, W.Bro. Richard Bartholomew, together with all of the other members and visitors attending that evening made their special guest feel very much welcome.

The evening was a tremendous success, helped out by the skilful tones of W.Bro. Tony Stockton who delivered a flawless rendition of “God be in my head” and also the “Master’s song” at the festive board.

A special evening indeed that will be remembered by all, especially the new Master.

Pictured: W.Bro. Peter Gisbson-Leitch, V.W.Bro. Peter C Kinder, M.W.Bro. George Vassilogeorges, W.Bro. Tony Stockton


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