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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland


Burbach Lodge No.8699 Celebrates it’s 300th Meeting in Hinckley

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The first ever meeting of the Burbach Lodge No.8699 was held on Tuesday 13th April 1976 at the Masonic Hall in Hinckley.  Now some 300 meetings later, on the 8th January 2019 the Lodge gathered to celebrate this landmark achievement.

The Master of the Lodge, W.Bro. Michael Kennedy began the evening’s celebrations by welcoming the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. David Hagger together with the Provincial Team to Hinckley, making for a very well attended meeting with nearly ninety brethren in attendance.

R.W.Bro. David began with an explanation of the Lodge shield and the origins of the name, which is deep-rooted in history, having been derived from the words “BUR” meaning thistle, and “BACH”, meaning a lake or stream, both symbols being present on the Lodge shield.

There is also a symbol showing a Maltese cross. This refers to the fact that Burbach Lodge, along with Sparkenhoe Lodge No.8063 and St Simon & St Jude Lodge No.8729 are daughter Lodges of the Knights of Malta Lodge No.50, all of whom meet at the Masonic Hall in Hinckley.

The first ever summons circulated for the April 1976 meeting was read out by one of the founding members, W.Bro. Clive Kidd, followed by a brief history of the Lodge by W.Bro. Alan James.

It was then the turn of W.Bro. Michael Kennedy to lead his team in the raising of Bro.Nick Bryan to the degree of a Fellowcraft, before retiring for a hearty festive board.

R.W.Bro. David Hagger said: “The work that has gone into this celebration is a testament to the energy and enthusiasm within this Lodge, which will put Freemasonry in good stead for another forty-three years in Hinckley!”


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