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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland


Help for Kids who are Off School

With schools closed, children’s author, Steve Skidmore of The Holmes Lodge No.4656 has been busy helping to create a free website to help support parents and carers with home schooling.

Steve is a children’s author and is currently the Patron of Reading for Leicester, a role that helps to promote reading and writing across Leicester schools.

The Schools Development Support Agency in Leicester approached Steve to ask for his help in developing and promoting and he was only too pleased to get involved!

The website provides good quality fun activities and also links families to a wealth of other sites and resources, organised by age group and subject.

Steve has filmed several videos of him reading from his books and giving out top tips for writing great stories. There is also a writing competition that will be launched in May.

The site has attracted lots of attention and had many views. If you have children or grandchildren, do check it out!


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