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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland


Laying the Foundation Stone at Freemasons' Hall, Leicester

Freemasons’ Hall in Leicester has been the home of Freemasonry in the city for over one hundred years, the foundation stone was laid on Saturday 17th July 1909 by the then Provincial Grand Master, The Rt. Hon. The Earl Ferrers.

The laying of the foundation stone is always a topic that generates much interest amongst Freemasons and enthusiasts alike, and it is always a moment of fascination when new information is discovered. Recently, Bro. Nick Bradshaw of the Lodge of the Flaming Torch No.4874 was delighted to discover one such item on an auction site, and promptly bided and won the item in connection with the laying of the foundation stone.

The item in question is an original order of proceedings booklet in great condition for its age, which would have been given to those in attendance for the ceremony over one hundred years ago. Over the twelve pages, it details the ceremony that took place on that day, and the role R.W.Bro. Earl Ferrers took in laying the stone.

Freemasons’ Hall Leicester is on London Road within the city and boasts a large collection of Masonic artefacts and memorabilia, as well as being the headquarters for all Freemasons across Leicestershire & Rutland.


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