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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland


Lodge of the Flaming Torch host the Provincial Team

Freemasons' Hall Leicester is often host to special meetings, the night of the 12th March 2020 certainly fitted into this category for the Lodge of the Flaming Torch No.4874. The Lodge is one of the smaller Lodges who meet in Leicester, with a dedicated team who perform the roles within the Lodge with precision and expertise.

The Head of Freemasons throughout Leicestershire & Rutland, Peter Kinder decided to pay a visit to the Lodge, as he did 44 years ago when he himself had only been a member of his own Lodge for just two days. This visit was somewhat different. Instead of turning up on his own, he brought his entire team of Provincial Officers with him, filling up many of the seats in the wonderfully ornate Holmes Lodge room in Leicester.

After the Master of the Lodge, Richard Evans, had confirmed his team for the coming year, a fantastic meal was provided for everyone to enjoy.

Pictured above, left to right, Peter Backus, the newest member of the Lodge who joined in April 2019, together with the Head of Freemasons in Leicestershire & Rutland, Peter Kinder, the Master of the Lodge of the Flaming Torch Richard Evans, and Dale Page, whose role as Provincial Grand Mentor is to ensure that Freemasons enjoy their time in the Lodge, and help guide them through the experiences they will have.

Afterwards, Peter Kinder said, "What an absolutely superb evening we have all had, compliments to you and your team here at the Lodge of the Flaming Torch, the dedication shown by each and everyone of you is a credit to you and your Lodge".


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