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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland


Union of Rugby Lodge No.9989 Kicks Off

Ever since the very first idea to form a Special Interest Lodge for Rugby enthusiasts, the passion and drive of the core team known as “the Tight Six” has continued unabated. Battling through the pandemic and the disappointment of cancelled dates, the Founding Members finally realised their dream on the 2nd of April 2022, as the consecration took place at Freemasons’ Hall Leicester.

After many late evenings preparing and rehearsing, on Saturday 2nd April 2022 the Hall began to buzz with anticipation from 8am. With over two hundred members expected at the consecration, the consecrating team and lodge officers who were to be installed took in a few last-minute rehearsals as the visitors poured through the doors.

By 10am the Oliver Lodge room was close to being full as the consecrating team, led by the Provincial Grand Master, Peter Kinder, gathered to begin the proceedings. The consecration of a new lodge is a wonderful ceremony, with many in attendance who had not witnessed such an event before. They carried out their duties impeccably, culminating in the presentation of Founders Jewel’s prior to the new lodge being handed over to the members to hold their very first installation.

The term given to the very first Master of a lodge is “Primus Master”, which on this occasion was the honour of Daniel Quelch of the Rothley Temple Lodge No.7801. Daniel was installed as the Primus Master of the Union of Rugby Lodge by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Brian Carruthers, after which Daniel proceeded to install his very first team of officers. The Senior Warden and fellow member of the Light Blues Rugby Football Club is Andrew “Jock” Keenan (Enderby Lodge No.5061), and the office of Junior Warden was bestowed upon Paul Cave of The Holmes Lodge No.4656.

After the meeting, a Festive Board was prepared for over two-hundred Freemasons, with drinks and laughter for anyone who wished to stay afterwards.

The Primus Master Daniel Quelch said, “After so much planning and preparation it is such a relief to see the lodge finally consecrated. Although saddened by the absence of several key members of the founding team, including Bob Reay, Greg Viviers, and Michael Foster, I would like to thank all the team for their hard work and dedication over the last few years to make the dream of a Rugby Lodge come true.”


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