Established 2016 This cycling group is for Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons members, including wives, girlfriends, partners and invited friends. The Leicestershire & Rutland Masonic Cycling Association was formed as part of the Tercentenary Celebrations taking place in 2017. We use a closed Facebook Group to share thoughts, ideas, stories and anything else to help motivate us to keep on pedalling! The club aims to meet up bi-monthly to organise a bike ride in the local countryside. For more information contact: cycling@lightblueclub.co.uk Recent highlights: June 2019 - Twenty cyclists from Leicestershire & Rutland, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire Freemasons raised over £7,000 in an 83 mile Charity Cycle Ride, in support of the Rainbows Children’s Hospice and the Masonic Charitable Foundation. September 2018 – Charity ride. 10 cyclists riding 150 miles over 2 days visiting all the Masonic Centres in Leicestershire & Rutland. Raised in excess of £6,500 for Rainbows Hospice and the Masonic Charity Foundation. 3 people cycled to all centres in a single day! June 2017 - Tercentenary ride: 22 cyclists cycling 300 miles in 4 days from Leicester to Great Queen Street, London, raising £23,400 for Rainbows Hospice and the Masonic Charity Foundation. Part of the trip they also visited all the Masonic Centres in Leicestershire & Rutland.


Established 2016 The Light Blues RFC was founded during the summer of 2016 by a small group of masons from across the province. Their aim is to provide an opportunity for rugby loving masons to convene, whether playing, supporting or just watching and enjoying a beer or two. Whether playing or supporting everyone is assured of a very friendly welcome. It recognises that the values of Freemasonry and those of rugby were very similar and should be celebrated. Our mission is to help other provinces to form their own clubs, form alliances and arrange rugby fixtures both locally, across the country and indeed overseas. We also have a number of social events throughout the year that encourage participation in the club for existing members or those contemplating joining freemasonry If you would like to be involved with the Light Blues or would like assistance forming your own club then please CLICK HERE and Select LBC Rugby under Who to contact.


The Leicestershire & Rutland Masonic Classic Car & Motorbike Association is for those members who have an enthusiasm for such vehicles, including cars, bikes, scooters and military. It is aimed to include partners & families as a social, relaxed and friendly event, open to all that may be interested. We aim to meet at a place of historic or other interest & usually includes a good lunch venue.

The Association aims to have at two rallies a year on a Sunday, organised in turn from the following Committee members:

David Crocker Tel 01455 822227 Email: crocker@tiscali.co.uk
Mark Pierpoint Tel 07973 229229 Email: markpierpoint@me.com
Michael Robinson Email: deverdun@aol.com
Bob Smith Email: bob@resmith.co.uk

We are also affiliated to the National Square Wheels Club and the TC300 that host events, runs & meetings throughout the UK and Overseas. Anyone can join, membership is only £5.00 per year and you'll be kept up to date with all their social events.


The Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic Golfing Assocation was founded in 1934 It organises several competitions throughout the year. Members wishing to enter any of the Competitions, should communicate with the Competition Secretary



W.Bro. Stephen Orange stephenorange@btinternet.com


W.Bro. Andrew Finn andrew.finn@hotmail.co.uk

Hon. Treasurer

W.Bro. Ashok Patel ria@ashok.u-net.com

Hon. Secretary

W.Bro. Malcolm D. Riddle malcolmriddle@btinternet.com

Assistant Hon. Secretary:

W. Bro. Stephen Legate steve-Legate@hotmail.co.uk

Elected Council Members

W. Bro. Guy M Raynor-Edwards

W. Bro. Malcolm Holmes

W.Bro. Neil J. Scotchbrook

W. Bro. Paul Cave

W. Bro. Stephen Finnigan

Hon. Accounts Examiner: Bro. R. Devalia

(Subject to Covid-19 Restrictions)

Trophy Competitions

Peter March K.O. Trophy

Better Ball Matchplay (pairs)

Swann Cup

Weds 5th May, Kirby Muxloe G.C.

Better Ball Stableford (pairs)

Terry Watts Cup (Open Invitational)

Weds 9th June, Beedles Lake G.C.

Am-Am Stableford (4 players per team)

Open to Non masons

Coles Bowl

Weds 7th July, Birstall

Better Ball Stableford (pairs)

J.K. Parlby & F.W. Doleman Goblets

Weds18th Aug, Scraptoft G.C.

Better Ball Stableford (pairs)

Championship Meeting & Presentation Dinner

Fri.17th Sept, Glen Gorse G.C.

“Oliver Bowl”, “Holmes Inter-Lodge Cup”

“Leeson Scratch Cup” “Kemp Bowl”

Single Stableford

Inter Provincial Matches

Match v Derbys M.G.A. (12 players per team) Thurs 20th May Beedles Lake G. C.

Match v Northants M.G.A. (12 players per team) Tuesday 22nd June Peterborough Milton GC

“6 Counties” Championship (hosted by SMGA)

Thurs 22rd July, Aston Wood GC, Single Stableford

Match v Notts M.G.A. (12 players per team) Weds 25th August, Beedles Lake GC

Brethren wishing to play in the Inter Provincial matches should register their interest with

W. Bro. Ashok Patel ria@ashok.u-net.com


obit *

1976 W.Bro. N. G. Green *

1986 W.Bro. R. Reader *

1989 W.Bro. K. Hallam

1990 W.Bro. G. Creese *

1991 W.Bro. D Linford *

1992 W.Bro. C. J. Mansell *

1993 W.Bro. M. M. Potter

1994 W.Bro. J. R. Carter *

1995 W.Bro. R. Mays *

1996 W Bro. F. W. Achurch *

1997 W.Bro. I.T. Watts *

1998 W.Bro. N. Fitch *

1999 W.Bro. R. E. Hallam

2000 W.Bro. E. Watts *

2001 W.Bro. D. I. Spradbury

2002 W.Bro. M. D. M. Parkes-Bowen

2003 W.Bro. J. L. Bush.

2004 W.Bro. D. Rudkin

2005 W.Bro. R. M. Hallam

2006 W.Bro. M. D. Riddle

2007 W.Bro. A. R. Pollard

2008 W.Bro. N. J. Scotchbrook

2009 W.Bro. P. M. Montgomery-Stuart

2010 W.Bro. B. R. Allen

2011 W.Bro. S. I. Dent

2012 W.Bro. R. Large

2013 W.Bro. S. J. Finnigan

2014 W.Bro. M. S. R. Waddington

2015 W.Bro. W. S. Knight

2016 W.Bro. S. J. Legate

2017 W.Bro. T. J. Finn

2018 W.Bro. A. R. Patel

2019 W Bro. P. Cave

2020 W Bro. S. Orange

Past Presidents Lunch –

Sunday 21st November 2021 @The Leicestershire G.C.

Organiser W.Bro Neil J. Scotchbrook



50 Knights of Malta Roger Edwards

279 St Johns >

523 John of Gaunt Michael Hollier

779 Ferrers & Ivanhoe Mervyn Wass

1007 Howe & Charnwood Ray Hardy

1130 Rutland Andrew Finn

1265 Vale of Catmose George Grant (temp)

1330 St. Peters Leslie Woodhouse

1391 Commercial Stephen Randon

1560 Albert Edward Martin Waddington

2028 Granite Neil Scotchbrook

2081 Golden Fleece Jeremy Peacock

2428 Grace Dieu Ryan Thornley

2865 East Goscote John Snape

3078 Wiclif. Harry Dalby

3091 Semper Eadem Christopher Packham

3431 St Martins Mark Glover

3448 Wyggeston Thomas Bodycot

3919 Halford. Anthony Stockton

4088 Temperantia John Murphy

4656 Holmes Paul Cave

4711 Knighton Richard Hallam

4835 Highcross Stephen Childs

4874 Flaming Torch Nicholas Potter

5061 Enderby Simon Rumming

5208 Beacon Fred Harris

5664 Welcome Nigel Robinson

6167 Wyvern John Kiely

6406 Granstone Graham Langley

6513 Gateway Malcolm Holmes

6514 Gratitude Steve Finnigan

6596 Bradgate >

6757 Edward Sherrier Des Ashley

6794 Newarke James Riley

6803 Greyfriars Steve Legate

7007 Thomas Burton Michael J Harris

7164 St Mary’s Keith Hallam

7168 Friendship Martin Hynes

7716 Jason Andrew Shaw

7717 Guthlaxton Paul Roberts

7736 Sir John Corah John Cleaver

7744 Humberstone >Martyn Gibson

7762 Round Table Malcolm Riddle

7767 Castle of Leicester Roger Thrift

7778 Gartree Peter Dawson

7801 Rothley Temple Robert Hopewell

7827 Holy Well Robert Hallam

7832 Saint Crispin >

7841 Prince Rupert Edward Cufflin

8033 Old Oakhamian Noel Manby

8063 Sparkenhoe Steve Knight

8210 Argonauts John Iliffe

8276 St Denys Earl Harrison

8320 Morley Michael Halfpenny

8350 St Wilfreds Adam Shepherd

8429 Science & Art Gordon Bigam

8478 St James Brian Carruthers

8481 Tudor House >

8639 Roundhill >

8679 Wayfarer Gerry Hyde

8695 Hastings Chris Tucker

8699 Burbach Nick Sherwin

8729 St Simon & St Jude >

8765 Compass Clive Sparling

9071 Gabriel Newton Barrie Wakefield

9119 Uppingham-in-Rutland Alan Little

9158 L. and R. Rotary Eric Hill

9176 Gayton Taylor >

9285 Reynard Gary McVeigh

9453 Framland Hundred >
9673 Ratae Meridian Steve Isles

9732 Chevaliers >

9826 Showman’s >

Please advise Secretary Malcolm Riddle of any changes to the list of Lodge Reps.