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The Newsletter of the Provincial Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Chapter of Leicestershire & Rutland


50 Years of Service

On the 7th July at Lutterworth Masonic Hall a Special Meeting of the De Verdun Preceptory No.613 of Knights Templar was held. One with a singular order of business, to celebrate a Knight of the Order whom many can only aspire to emulate. Right Eminent Knight Michael E. Herbert was to be given a certificate of 50-year service by the Most Eminent and Supreme Knight, Paul Raymond Clement, G.C.T. Grand Master of the Order of the Temple and Holy Sepulchre, more widely known as the Knights Templar.

Pictured left to right: Adrian Padmore, Michael Herbert, Paul Clement

The Preceptory was opened by the Acting Preceptor, Very Eminent Knight Richard Heap and the officers of the Preceptory, who then welcomed the Provincial Prior for Leicestershire and Rutland Right Eminent Knight Adrian Padmore K.C.T., accompanied by Provincial Sub Prior, Eminent Knight David Bull, P.Gt Herald, members of the Provincial team and Provincial Bodyguard. On his arrival, Adrian was offered and accepted the Chair of the Preceptory. Soon after, he, as well as those present, were pleased and honoured to welcome the Grand Master accompanied by the Great Seneschal, The Very High and Right Eminent Knight Andrew Christopher Rainbow, G.C.T and the Great Marshal, Eminent Knight Timothy John Wheeler, along with other members of Great Priory, many of whom had travelled long distances. On entry, the Grand Master too was offered the Chair, which he was pleased to accept. The gathered Knights were then given a brief summary of Michael’s masonic and Knight Templar career.

On the 18th December 1972, Companion Michael Edward Herbert was installed as a Knight of the Order of the Temple and Holy Sepulchre in the Ivanhoe Preceptory No. 294. He was installed as its Preceptor in 1982 and, following a series of promotions at Provincial and Great Priory level, was appointed to the honour and dignity of Knight Grand Cross in 2015. A Rank to which no more than 15 can be appointed at any time.

On presenting the certificate, the Grand Master referred to Michael’s outstanding contribution to the Order and the many others to which he belongs, and to the special personal friendship they have shared over a period of 35 years. He mentioned that Michael’s service to Freemasonry was recently honoured with the award of the Order of Service to Freemasonry, the highest honour the Grand Master can confer on a member of the Craft. Michael’s response was full of love and joy, delivered with his accustomed humility.

On resuming the Chair, the acting Preceptor, Richard Heap thanked the Grand Master for his attendance and presented him with a donation of £1500 for the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

Whilst at the Festive Board, Adrian spoke of Michael’s dedication and commitment to the Knights Templar Order and its members, the support he gave to the Province, and the many cards, letters and emails he had received from Provincial Priors throughout England and Wales and the Provinces overseas; each congratulating Michael on his achievements and thanking him for his friendship and support.

A special and memorable night, for a remarkable and prominent Right Eminent Knight.


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