Our Universities' Scheme Lodges


We have a vibrant student membership and are keen to help our younger members develop their interest in Freemasonry, and derive the maximum enjoyment from being a Mason, Within  Leicestershire and Rutland, there are three University Lodges which are members of the Scheme.

All three lodges welcome new members who wish to join and become a Freemason who are undergraduates, postgraduates, alumni or staff from the local Universities. Student Freemasons from other Universities are also welcome as joining members if relocating to live or work in the Leicestershire and Rutland area after graduation.



Warranted: 9th May 1910 Consecrated: 1st July 1910 Centenary Warrant: 1st July 2010 Held at Leicester on the third Friday from October to April Installation meeting: November UGLE Universities' Scheme Lodge for the University of Leicester WEBSITE EMAIL HISTORY The first meeting considering the formation of the Wyggeston Lodge was held in the Masonic Hall in Halford Street, Leicester on 11th April 1910. Twenty Brethren were present and as a result of their deliberations the Lodge was consecrated on 1st July 1910. A total of 34 Brethren were party to the Petition to form the Lodge and with the majority of those being from Commercial Lodge No. 1391 that Lodge became our “Mother Lodge”. The Consecration took place in the new Masonic Hall at 80 London Road, Leicester with W.Bro. F.W. Billson as the Founding Worshipful Master. The motto of the Lodge, “Date eleemosynam et ecce omnia munda sunt vobis” which translates to “Give freely of yourself and behold all Worlds are yours”, was that of William Wygston, the famous Leicester citizen. In 1925, members of the Wyggeston Lodge requested permission to form a Lodge to be known as Knighton Lodge No.4711 which thus became the first “Daughter Lodge” of the Wyggeston Lodge. In 1937, the procedure was repeated with the Lodge of Welcome No.5664 becoming our second “Daughter Lodge”. The Lodge continued to prosper during the 1930’s with membership standing at 110 by 1939. The activity of the Lodge was somewhat curtailed during the Second World War with meetings taking place at lunchtimes instead of the usual time in the evening. With the cessation of hostilities in 1945 matters returned to normal and in the May of that year our third “Daughter Lodge”, Wyvern Lodge No.6167 was formed. In the 1950’s the membership of the Lodge fell slightly but there was still a waiting time of up to two years before a candidate could be Initiated. Our Golden Anniversary in 1960 saw W.Bro. T.G.S. Ellwood as Worshipful Master, with the anniversary meeting being attended by 82 Brethren. Representatives from our Mother Lodge, Commercial Lodge and our three Daughter Lodges joined other visitors in a memorable evening. On the 1st July 2010, the Wyggeston Lodge celebrated its Centenary where W.Bro. R.W. Rankin presided as Worshipful Master. This was attended by 169 Brethren including the Provincial Grand Master of Leicestershire and Rutland, R.W.Bro. D.V. Hagger, who presented a Centenary Warrant, and representatives from our Mother and Daughter Lodges. The Brethren assembled for a Festive Board, which contained a 6-course menu reflecting the original Consecration menu of 1910. In April 2011, the Brethren of the Wyggeston Lodge agreed to join the Universities’ Scheme to forge links between Freemasonry and University students studying at the University of Leicester. As the Lodge moves into its second century the Lodge motto, “Give freely of yourself and behold all Worlds are yours”, is as pertinent today as it was in 1910.


Warranted: 8th February 1961 Consecrated: 25th September 1961 Held at Leicester on the second Tues in Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb & Apr Installation meeting: December UGLE Universities' Scheme Lodge for De Montfort University WEBSITE EMAIL HISTORY The Castle of Leicester Lodge was formed in 1961. The reason for its formation is best summarised by a quotation from a letter dated 17th December 1960 from the first Secretary of the Lodge, W.Bro. Cecil M.R. Smith. “The Lodge is sponsored by the John of Gaunt Lodge No.523 and the principal reason for the formation of this Lodge is to enable more Brethren to reach the Chair with a reasonable time. At present, due to the size of the Lodge, many are precluded from reaching the Chair on account of age, and there is also a long wait for even the younger Brethren……………” The Lodge was consecrated on 25th September 1961. It has always met at Freemasons’ Hall, London Road, Leicester initially with seven meetings per year, reducing to four in 1999 and now five (starting in 2009). Since Consecration there have been 118 members of the Lodge comprising 27 Founders, 80 Initiates and 11 Joining Members. The Lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2011.


Warranted: 8th March 1972 Consecrated: 20th April 1972 Held at Loughborough on the fourth Weds in Sep, Nov, Jan, Feb, Apr & on the fourth Fri in Oct Installation meeting: January UGLE Universities' Scheme Lodge for Loughborough University WEBSITE FACEBOOK EMAIL HISTORY The Lodge of Science and Art which meets at the Masonic Hall in Ashby Square, Loughborough, was consecrated on 20th April 1972. A number of Masons connected with Loughborough University and the Loughborough Colleges had decided that they wished to form a new Lodge; and this aspiration had been supported by other Masons living and working locally. Though the name of the Lodge clearly reflected its links with the campus, from its inception it was firmly established that it should be a ‘town’ and ‘gown’ Lodge. Indeed, approximately half of the founder members came from the ‘town’. The name of the Lodge seems amply justified and the members like to feel that the founders’ hopes for the establishment of a harmonious Lodge has been well met. The Lodge crest portrays the significance of science and art and freemasonry. The serpent of wisdom surrounds the chisel, which is used, together with the maul, to create regularly shape matter from the rough material – an analogy to the work of education. The serpent represents the resulting wisdom, whilst the book and the wheel illustrate the theory and practice of science and technology. The motto of the Lodge is shown at the bottom: Homo Natus, Doctus Artifex, Latomus Acceptus – Born a Man, Taught a skill, Made a Mason.


If you are a member of a local University, whether student or staff, and wish to know more about Freemasonry, or you wish to join, then please contact us or the appropriate lodge via their website using the links below.

UGLE Universities' Scheme


The Universities’ Scheme was introduced in 2005 by the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales with the objective ‘To establish and/or enhance arrangements and opportunities for undergraduates and other university members to enjoy Freemasonry’.


There are currently over 80 Lodges situated across the UK, where towns and cities have a university, which have been authorised to participate in the Universities’ Scheme.


The Scheme is headed by the Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Wootton, who explains: “We know from these long-established University lodges that students – whether undergraduates or postgraduates – enjoy Freemasonry to the full. Through the Universities Scheme, we hope that University members from all over the country will be able to gain the same inspiration, fulfilment and enjoyment.”


The Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent, states “A real benefit the Scheme offer is having young intelligent men joining us who will, we hope, contribute greatly to the future of the Craft, as potential leaders and sources of inspiration.”


In addition, reduced fees are charged to those aged under 25.

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